4 Most Common House Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

House pests are, well, a pest. Not all not all exterminators are effective in controlling them or even getting rid of them at all. In today’s feature, we look at the most common types of house pests and what you can do to get rid of them or at least keep them out of out the house. If you have given up on prevention, keep reading

Rodent Control in Dallas

Rats are another big problem in the Dallas Texas that you want to get rid of as soon as possible. Signs that you have rats include sightings, droppings, burrows in the garden, and gnaw marks on wood and wiring. Their gnawing of electrical wiring can be very dangerous as it could cause fires. They are also one of the pests that carry the most diseases and can cause a lot of health problems for your family. To control this pest, you need to seal up any openings through which they can enter your home. Remember, they can gnaw through many things. Use materials that they cannot gnaw through like metal. Remove all possible food sources that could attract them. Poisoning them can lead to them dying and rotting in the walls or ceiling and this causes a terrible stench. We recommend Rapid Rodent Removal in Dallas, Frisco and McKinney Tx, for all of your rodent control, rodent removal, rat control or rat removal needs. You can reach them at 469-609-7287 in the Dallas are if you are in need of experts to assist you in rodent control problems.


Mice may be the cutest of the potential house pets, but their presence is a problem. They cause their damage by leaving urine and excrement everywhere in the house. Their droppings look like small coffee beans. The droppings are how you can identify that they are in your house. They are also known to nibble and gnaw at things like books, pillows, and other soft objects. Mice can be a big problem if not controlled from the beginning. Seal up anything they may consider a food source and also seal up any cracks, holes, or openings in the walls, floors, and ceilings.

We hope these tips will help you identify and get rid of your house pets in no time and with as little effort as possible.

Ant Control in Dallas

These little buggers have caused many people endless frustration and anger outbursts. Ants are a pest that never seems to end. If you get rid of 5, 10 more show up not long after. They are not particularly dangerous to your home, but they are annoying. To get rid of them, clean up spills and sticky surfaces. Take anything that they are on outside and use soapy water to clean it off. You can also use a soap and water mixture to spray them. This gets rid of ants in a jiffy. Close any opening that ants can get through and try and avoid leaving food and water in places that can attract them

Cockroach Control in Dallas

Cockroaches are a particularly difficult pest to deal with as they never seem to go away. Even if you can kill them once, they just seem to come back and become more. They cause several problems in the home including the destruction of paper and fabric, carrying diseases, contaminating food, and staining surfaces. Fighting these critters will take some planning and effort. Bug sprays are not really effective, but setting traps, removing all potential food and water sources, and opening up possible hiding places, is a good place to start.


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